28 August 2008

Durasi: 90 Minutes


ASEP (RIZKY MOCIL), HILMAN (ARGO ‘AA JIMMY’) and DIDI (RFFI AHMAD) are villagers at SEMILIR ANGIN village, they go to Jakarta to continue their study and have a goal to reach a Bachelor Degree. All of the people at the village and they have a great hope for them to change their village’s condition better. 

3 young men with different character finally reach Jakarta. they stay in a huge house, Paman Didi’s house. They don’t realize that they have a neighbor and it is a stripper dorm, that covered its place as a Tour and Travel’s dorm. 

SALMA (ULI AULIANI), LOLYTA (INDAH KALALO) and MEMEY (ALIA ROSA) are the stripper who stayed at this dorm. Now Memey is pregnant without husband, and now he dates with a man to make him as the father of her baby.

In a discothèque, Salma and Lolyta accompany Memey to find a man to be trapped. They meet Asep, like a nerd and so old fashion. Finally Salma and Asep introduced themselves and get drunk and they didn’t realize that they are sleep together with a blanket that covers them both. 

Now Asep being accused that he has made Memey pregnant. In fact it just Memey’s trick. Asep doesn’t do anything when Memey gives an agreement that must be signed by Asep, its stated that Asep will take responsibility for Memey’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Lolyta gets closer to Didi and Hilman closed with Salma. 

Asep, Didi and Hilman go to the Tour and travel dorm, Salma, Memey and Lolyta’s place to work. they shock when they see Salma, Memey and Lolyta, they are a strippers who worked there.

After the incident, Hilman gets angry to Didi who has insisted to see that strippers. A fight happens till Hilman and Asep leave Didi. Right at this time, Didi accused Lolyta as the main of the problem. Lolyta gets so furious to Didi. 

Didi feels alone then she find Lolyta to show her that he loves her so much. He must competes with JONI TRALALA (FANNY FADILAH), a rich man but tacky, who dreams about Lolyta’s love. 

from all of the things that have happened finally Didi can find Lolyta and makes sure how much he loves her. Lolyta gets softer and accepts Didi’s love. 

Now Hilman got a Bachelor Degree. At this time he meets Didi who shows her intend to marry Lolyta. 

Finally Didi marries Lolyta while Hilman marries Salma. they life so happy at the village. then suddenly Asep appears and changed to become a sissy with Memey’s child who has became his child.