28 February 2008

Durasi: 130 Minutes


This is a love story, between a woman and a man. But this is more than that. This is a story about living the ups and downs of an Islamic live. 

The story began when a man name Fahri bin Abdillah went to Egypt to take master degree majoring Islam in University of Al-azhar, Cairo. He is not rich but he is smart. He got scholarship from his old school; his parents even have to sell their rice field. 

Fahri is a perseverance and discipline man. He even has a life map for himself.  He planned to get married when his paper is accepted by the faculty. But the problem is he never had any relationship with woman. He only closes to two women in his life, which are his mom and his grandmother. 

Then there is Maria Girgis, the neighbor that admire Fahri even she is a Coptic-Christian. Maria is open-minded girl that really attract by Al Quran, Islam holly bible. And the amaze change to love. But she kept it as a secret to herself and her diary.

After Maria comes Nurul. Indonesian student like Fahri. They love each other as lover but none of them knows it and has courage to tell. Fahri thinks that he is too low to be Nurul’s husband because Nurul is a daughter from a famous Moslem cleric in Indonesia. He thought he doesn’t deserve her.

In that kind of situation Noura, abusive Egypt girl from next door also have a feeling for that paddy field scholar ship boy. Fahri have a deep empathy for that girl. Just empathy but the girl read it in another version of her. That more romantic. This misunderstanding will cause a tremendous problem when Noura accused Fahri raped her. 

For the finale, there is Aisha. Beautiful eyes that really captures Fahri heart. From metro incident where Fahri defend Islam from being close-minded, Aisha falls in love with him.

And Fahri doesn’t want to choose the woman by making relationship before married. He doesn’t believe that. So, for him is it’s a matter of religious believe, not only matter of love. How the strict perseverance man like Fahri will handle it? Which heart that Fahri will take? Can he through it all in Islamic way?