26 September 2008

Durasi: 90 Minutes



Used to call Cundra by his best friend, Aron. Cundra is a 27 guy who works in a department store as an announcer. Yes, the announcer who speaks through the speakers along the floors. The announcer, who greets the people, telling the discount counters, and playing the songs. No one hears for him actually, but Cundra does his job. He likes to speak when he was a kid. And since he was a kid, he also has no one to hears him. When he was a baby, if he gets hungry and cry, his mom gets angry. When he was in elementary school, asking for this and that, his dad will ignores him. When he was teens, he says his love to a girl, but he gets slapped. The one who listens to him is only Aron, his best friend from he was in high school until now. Aron lives in Bandung. Chundra is going to a station to pick Aron up. And in the station, he meet a girl, the first girl in his live that want to listen to him. 


A 25 year old girl used to call Nay. She works in a Spa in a five stars hotel in Jakarta. For times, she plays roles in movies or serials as a cameo. Nay, as the other staffs in the Spa, loved to be called to the room to give a massage. Usually, their customers are the wealthy women or the carrier women who stays in the hotel for business. From them, Nay imagining herself as a carrier women. She learn how to act and talk as “high level”, imagining to have a boyfriend or a husband who is wealthy. Nay loves to imagine. She writes her dreams and imagination on a book. In her leisure time in the Spa, or when she is waiting for her name to be called on the casting waiting line. Nay is listed as a talent on a small agency to where she shows her acting talent though at the end, she always get the small role and a cameo. Nay keeps her dream to herself until one day, she comes to the station, want to pick her sibling from Bandung, she meet a guy who wants to listen to her. 


A unique old station with the line of food stalls. AND HERE IS OUR STORY BEGINS. Cundra meet Nay in one of the food stalls. The food stall is so full that day. Nay appears and has to sit in Cundra’s desk. nay watches her manner, be a quite girl and “sophisticated” who has to sit at Cundra’s desk, in fact she doesn’t want to. Cundra makes a conversation. Nay says, “I’m here not for talking or for making a conversation.” Then Cundra says to nay that she doesn’t have to be scared coz he doesn’t try to tease nay, he has a fiancé. Nay can’t believe that there is a girl who wants with Cundra. Cundra tells about his fiancé whose name is Tika. Tika is a designer, famous at this time who has been invited by Cundra as a guest star at the radio station (Cundra says that he has a radio station). Cundra says that Tika used to be matched as a model than a designer who just works behind the stage. It is the time that makes them close. Tika who amazed to Cundra coz in his age, Cundra can have radio station. They closed for three months, and then decided to get engaged. Cundra comes to the station to pick up Tika, after a show from Bandung. Nay finally tells about her boyfriend, his name is Tyo. tyo is a businessman. Nay metTtyo in a five stars Hotel. nay is the hotel manager. Tyo is a “perfectionist” guest. Nay must handle Tyo’s wishes. At that time Tyo has a problem with his company and Nay accompanied him to chat at the coffee shop till its dawn. Nay gives a business advice. They get so close when finally Tyo decides to make a gathering business that connected to the high level businessman in nay’s hotel. They decided to make relationship and wanted to get marry. Nay comes to the station to pick up Tyo who just come back from his business journey, coz it’s impossible for Tyo to take the plan in a bad climate. 

After that we finally know after the train comes, they both are lying. After they get out from the station, Cundra tells to Aron about Nay. And so with nay, after she comes back from the station she drops her brother who wants to join a casting, then she talks with her boss, Mas Robi how loves to chat. In the next day, Cundra comes to nay’s hotel. Nay sees Cundra and hides. She wears a spa’s uniform, impossible to meet Cundra. Cundra disappoints that he can’t meet Nay. 

Nay keeps calling Cundra, asks him why Cundra came to her hotel. She saw Cunda but she couldn’t come toward him coz she was so busy. Cundra tells that he was looking for a restaurant, for a dinner with her girlfriend. Nay says that she wants to have a dinner with her boyfriend too. Cundra asks the place, nay mentions freely and says that Cundra can eat there. Cundra agrees. They are so busy to find a couple. Cundra asks “Tika”, one of the clerks in a department store. Nay asks “Tyo”, his partner, as an extra who loves to do the acting. They meet in a restaurant. Suddenly someone comes toward Tyo and yells. He is the businessman who keeps “Tyo” as her affair and then gets jealous when seeing him walking with another woman. it said that Tyo doesn’t like woman. Nay is so furious and upset. She runs out to the back side of the restaurant. Cundra is easing her, and says “Some times we don’t know the person who is very close to us”. Nay finally admits that she feels sad not because of Tyo, but because of being embarrassed for telling lie to Cundra. Nay got the character of Tyo from a husband of a rich woman who often stays in the hotel which is also in her fantasy only. Cundra feels guilty, he actually wants to admit everything to her too, but then Tika comes and asks Cundra to go home. Tika is whispering some thing to him “You promised to stay with her for only two hours, my boy friend has been waiting you know”. Finally when he get home, Cundra can’t sleep, he’s thinking about Nay, thinking about him self who still don’t dare to confess the truth to Nay. 

On the next day, Cundra contacts Nay, asking where she is. Nay tells him that she’s in the train station, she just want to be alone. Cundra gets puzzled. Then Aron, his best friend says “may be Nay want to remember you” . So Cundra finally goes to the train station. So here they are, at the same train station, Cundra admits all of his lie. Cundra tells that from the first time they met, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Nay also admits the same thing. They both then laugh. They feel ridiculous. Cundra finally tells that he loves her. Nay accepts his love. The train station becomes the witness of the human’s life.