31 January 2008

Durasi: 90 Minutes


NIKKO  (BEN JOSHUA) 20 years old, handsome, last semester student, engages to a beautiful and smart woman, DONNA (NIA RAMADHANI), 19 years old. Nikko loves donna very much, and so does the other way around. 

One day, Nikko meets a sexy woman, LIVI (NADILLA ERNESTA) , 19 years old, a waitress in a café. Since this meeting, Nikko feels different. So does Livi, until finally he cheats on Donna. Livi is so convinced that Nikko loves her.  But her conviction is torn, when livi sees niko with Donna so in love to each other. Livi is so angry to nikko, but nikko manages to convince her that donna is a just a woman his parents have arranged for him.  Dan Livi is the only woman he loves. Livi believes in him. 

Time passes. Nikko and Livi is drown in their romance. Until Livi is pregnant and demands for Nikko’s responsibility.  Nikko denies it because he is not ready to accept that pregnancy and  he also cant betray donna, his fiancé.  Livi is so disappointed with that answer. They argue. Nikko cant control his emotion and he pushes livi to the wall, livi’s head hit the wall and dies. Nikko is panic. And then nikko throws her dead body under the Ancol bridge. 

After what happens, Nikko suddenly feels haunted by livi. At first, the sound of Livi’s phone ringer that followed Nikko everywhere. And then short message in Nikko’s phone that says “ Honey, this love belongs to us.” Because this is the sentence that Livi often said when she’s alive. 

After those terrors, suddenly NISSA (MARSHA ARWAN), 10 years old, his only sister, often laughs by herself and does activities that as if she’s doing it with someone invisible.  Nikko often sees this strange things. Until finally, he reveals that Nissa has been playing with Livi ghost all this time.  Even, one day Nissa tries to kill herself upon Livi’s incitement.

These terrors keep attacking Nikko. Until finally Livi ghost shows herself and terrorizes NIkko. Donna is so sad to see Nikko’s changes who often looks scared and acts strange. When donna takes him to a psychiatry, nikko is angry at donna for thinking he’s mad. 

Nikko gets worse. Donna keeps insisting nikko to tell her the truth of what’s happening. But nikko stays silent. Nikko only tells this story to JOJO (DENNIS ADISWARA), 22 years old, his best friend. Jojo is willing to help Nikko. But before he helps him, Livi ghost terrorizes him. 

Nikko is completed down.  So does donna. Donna cant handle it anymore, and then she returns the engagement ring to Nikko. Dona decides to go to her parents in Australia. When donna is about to go, Nikko comes and apologizes. Finally, Nikko tells her the truth about his affair and Livi who is dead now terrorizing him. Donna is shocked and so angry, they argue. Donna runs from Nikko and then gets hit by a car that puts her in comma. 

In this comma condition,  Livi ghost appears. Donna almost dies. Nikko cries. And then Donna finds her way back.  She approaches Nikko and says “ Honey, this love belongs to us.” 

Nikko is shocked, because that  sentence is Livi’s sentence. In that case, Livi has taken over Donna’s body.