19 January 2012

Durasi: 111 Menit


Angel (Donita) believes that her true love is Hendra (Ajun Perwira). Angel even fantasize someday her long love relationship, will ended in a marriage.

One time, tragic incidents happen to Angel. That taken away all her dreams that she had built. The night when she about to attend the big family dinner, a luxury car driven by Martin (Evan Sanders), ran into her. Martin instead of helping, he even runs away with it. Leaving Angel who is unconscious lying on the road, with severe injuries.

Angel survived, but she must accept the harsh reality. Her legs paralyzed, unable to walk. Angel is shock. What does it mean to her, living with other parts of her body that is not functioning? And Angel feels sad with Hendra’s attitude that suddenly gone without saying a word after he knows Angel is crippled for life.  Hendra which she believed to be a loyal guy was nothing more than a coward and hypocritical man. Hendra even run away as far as possible from Angel’s life.

Nadya (Putri Una Astari), a friend of Angel, and Angel’s cousin, Anton (Jordi Onsu), invites Angel Nadya for a refreshing in Nadya’s villa. In a beautiful hilly landscape area. Nadya hopes this method can treat Angel’s feeling, and live her life again.

Unexpectedly, Angel meets with Martin at the same location. Angel didn’t know Martin, but Martin recognize Angel’s faces. Martin himself is also seeking peace in that place due to his regret over the hit and run incident to Angel, he is feeling very guilty after he knows Angel's legs is paralyzed. However, Martin didn’t immediately confess that he is the person who ran her down.

Since that meeting, Martin determine to make amends, by finding the best doctor who is able to cure Angel’s legs. Martin came from a wealthy family. Martin willing to spend out hundreds of millions to cure Angel.

Time after time, Martin and Angel’s relationship becomes closer. Especially Angel who is lecture at the campus where Martin’s parents own the highest shareholder there, Martin often meets Angel. The seeds of love between them even blossomed. Angel never realizes that Martin is the person who ran her down and made her legs paralyzed. Angel no longer cares about Hendra. She is now focusing on Martin who is watching over her with great love. Until one day, Angel must bear the bitter truth. Martin suffered from brain cancer and had to be hospitalized. Not only that, Martin underwent neurological disability section of his brain. At the same time, Angel who remained loyal to Martin, have unimaginable miracle, when caring for Martin, Angel can walk again.