24 April 2008

Durasi: 90 Minutes


What if you have a second chance to get the girl of your dreams…

The story begins with a flashback where Bama (11 years old) with brace teeth, too big pant, thick glasses is crushing on a girl of his classmate called Tiara (10 years old).  He tries so many good thing to get her attention, but Tiara is always ignoring him…  Bama tries to smile, she smiles cynical…  All his good deed is always answered with an evil attitude…  Until one day where Bama wants to show his true feeling about her, he writes a love letter and he put it inside one of her books…  Bama who is actually an unconfident boy is waiting for Tiara finding the love letter in her book and finally reads it.  But his dream seems ruining because SUDDENLY… all books in the class have to be collected…  Bama looks terribly panic…  The teacher found Bama’s love letter and reads it in front of the class…  All of her classmates are LAUGHING… all his classmates are humiliating him, and Tiara feels so embarrassed.  She then approaches him and harshly shouting at him says I WON’T EVER LOVE YOU!!!

Her last words will ever haunt him to grown up…

Flash forward 15 years later…

Bama (26 yeas old) a successful architect is looking different as his childhood, he looks more confident, handsome, easygoing and an attracted creatures for girls.  He’s a really different person now…

A grown up Bama is a playboy… who always dates girl for fun, dishonest and always make them expecting him a lot, he also keeps dating without any heart feeling…  Bama is an arrogant guy and he feels that he can get any women, anytime and anywhere… it because little bama was not too confident and girls was not like him so much. Now, he has changed to be a success and mature man. That’s just the bama’s compensation because his kid period was not too happy.

The next morning

Bama wakes up in the morning, and do his morning routinely like usual, suddenly… someone talks… at the first time, bama doesn’t care and not believed… but then he feels bothered… apparently, after he checked, his dick can talk!! Bama gets shocked!! he gets panic!!

The dick’s voice is very annoying!! IT ALWAYS TALK CRUDELY, AND IT JUST THINK ABOUT THE GIRL!!

What should bama do??

The shaman says… “there just one way, you have to be honest and break the relation with the girls that you’ve lied, ask apologize and tell them that actually your feeling is just for someone named tiara. After you do that, the curse from them will be vanished” if you can do that before your dinnertime with tiara, everything will be okay… the shaman talks.

Finally, accompanied by the taxi driver, bama goes to the girls to ask apologize.

Then, in that day, the secret broke. Including tiara’s feeling that she hides for all this time and she doesn’t accuse that. Bama feels very happy. Even he have to face the troubles and obstacles in two days, he gets the priceless life lesson.

That afternoon, bama and tiara talk much. They talk about their feelings. In their conversation, bama realizes that the annoying sound from his dick has gone. Bama smiles a bit. It’s the beginning of bama and tiara’s love relationship.