10 May 2007

Durasi: 87 Minutes


Vira (18) pretty girl. She is a nurse and have friend named Silla (18) pretty girl, a nurse, sexy. They go from bandung to Jakarta to work as nurses, a job that they got.

Silla is been introduced to Mike (22, Vira’s boyfriend) handsome, college student, from Australia. He is living in Jakarta for this eight months. This introduction makes Mike and Silla are getting closer.

Vira and Silla live in a boarding room that had been closed for this twenty years. The rumor said that the room is full of mysteries. After Vira stay in that room, there’s many strange incidents. Then Vira meets Mak Saroh (50) woman with mysterious face. She said that she is a laundry woman in that boarding room. Vira is getting know about what was actually happened through Mak Saroh. Twenty years ago, Lastri Sulistia stayed there. She is a pretty nurse that had been killed by her boyfried, Doctor Herman. Because she caught Doctor Herman when he made an affair with Mila, Lastri’s best friend. Doctor Herman got forced, and then finally he killed Lastri. He buried her death body in the room wall. After this room is opened, Lastri’s ghost (suster ngesot) came out and made revenge to Dr. Herman and everybody in this boarding room who makes an affair.

Vira is always got a sign before the victim falls. It is Lastri’s diary that suddenly appears and the page is opened. Then the blood comes and makes an initial of the next victim.

This sign makes Vira gets panic and afraid. but Silla and Mike ignore this strange incident and they think that it’s a superstition. Even they makes a love relation silently. The affair is happen.

Who died first is Dr. Herman. Then Ibu Linda and Pak Samsul, because apparently they made an affair.

Vira convinces Mike and Silla about the strange dead and the strange signs. But they not believe that.

Finally Vira gets the diary that written an initial M. vira is very afraid and then Mike is really death. Vira is confused, who is the girl that makes an affair with Mike? Before suster ngesot attacks Silla, Silla confesses her guilty to Vira that she had cheated Vira. She had made an affair with Mike. Vira forgives her. But suster ngesot not forgives her and kill Silla.

On her chaostic, Vira tells everything to Mak Saroh. And Vira is so shocked which is apparently Mak Saroh is not in the dormitory now and known that Mak Saroh is dead last ten years. Vira gets terror.