Blood Donation At MD Entertainment

2013-12-04 01:21:01

On monday the 7th of June 2010, there was a completely different scene happening at  MD Entertainment, Tanah Abang-Central Jakarta. The backyard was all covered with a huge tent and walls of cloth were made transforming it into a closed room complete with beds and air conditioners. One could even see medical staff around giving the impression of a hospital. What was going on?

As it turns out, MD Entertainment was having a blood donation event. Even though for the first time, this social activity which ran smoothly was held together with Palang Merah Indonesia. It was greeted enthusiastically by the people of the community who attended this. A 100 people took part in this and became donors. "We are so proud because inspite of the rain, people have still come to donate blood. This means that the people here do have a high level of social awareness", said Mita Nurani, PR Manager of MD.

Not to forget, the stars of MD entertainment also attended this event. Besides being donors, their presence also entertained the people there. Amongst them, there were few who have always been donating blood, some for which this was the first time and there were some who didn't want to become donors because they were scared of needles or had other medical issues. Randy Pangalila, a young, talented and handsome actor was one of the few who didn't pass the medical test. His blood was just too thick. "I really wish to be a donor but I guess I can't since the doctor's said no", Randy said regretfully. But incidents like this did not lessen the success of this event because what is most important is the willingness to help those in need .


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