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Ari Wibowo is back in 'Mawar Melati'

2013-12-04 01:21:01

This handsome soap opera actor is very selective about the roles he does. After being busy with his family, Ari Wibowo is now back in the acting world in MD's newest soap opera 'Mawar Melati'.

Maybe its the interesting story line that got his attention and he finally agreed to make a 'come back' in this world as Adwin, a husband who has an extra marital affair. When his 'affair' gets pregnant and asks him to be responsible for it, Adwin instead gets rid of her. Till at one point Adwin and his wife's child and Adwin's other woman's child get exchanged. This is what makes 'Mawar Melati' interesting, especially when supported by other famous stars as well such as Chelsea Olivia, Derby Romero, Febby Febiola, Rheina Ipeh and Aryani Fitriana.

Ari is not at all doubtful about his role. As for his appearance, it is no secret that he is handsome and cool. Especially where looks are concerned, Ari is no less if compared to the other young talented actors. So if you want to know what else happens,be sure to watch it all on Mawar Melati every day starting from the 9th of March 2010 at 19.00 on SCTV.


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