Artists of MD Pursued

2013-12-04 01:21:01

The second city visited by the MD artists during the 'meet the fans' event organized by MD and XL was Makassar. In this city known for the Angin Mamiri, MD invited Andrew Andika (Dia Anakku), Sonya Fatmala (Antara Cinta Dan Dusta), Bobby Rakhman, Shandy Syarief (Cinta Fitri) Rama Michael (Cahaya Cinta) and Donny Michael (Nada Cinta) to meet their fans at GTC Mall Tanjung Bunga.

The list of famous celebrities was enough to increase the adrenaline of the people to come and see their stars. From the 2000 people there, a few amongst them even came from different cities just to catch a glimpse of their artists. The distance nor the waiting for hours stopped them from meeting their idols.

This was enough to touch the hearts of MD's artists, especially Bobby Rakhman. After the successful event was over, two fans from Kendari, shouted hysterically and followed the car which had all the stars to the hotel. Seeing this, Bobby asked the driver to stop. He then gave his favourite bracelet to these 2 fans.

Wow! Turns out that Bobby really has a big heart! He gave away his good luck bracelet to his fans....Salute!!


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