Atikah and Sultan Are Not Shy To Sing Together

2013-12-04 01:21:01

The acting of Chelsea Olivia and Evan Sanders as Atikah and Sultan in Antara Cinta Dan Dusta has brought about positive response from the viewers. The chemistry between them is so strong that the viewers are hoping for the on screen romance to also happen off screen! This has made the viewers write a lot of emails, messages on Face Book and Twitter MD Entertainment.

What about their singing skills? Evan has sung a duet with Melly Goeslaw and Chelsea was once in this group called Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB). The two of them have not only showed their skills in acting but also in singing. They have sung the theme song for the soap opera Antara Cinta dan Dusta.

The making of this video clip which is the OST for ACDD was made for the public. It was shot at TMII, Jakarta, on the 14 May 2011. Chelsea and Evan thoroughly enjoyed themselves at this session which was directed by Ferry Ardiansyah. They were so full of enthusiasm as it was one day where they would get a break from their shooting. 'This is also shooting, but its different. I get to sing and the location is so interesting. It's just so exciting' said Chelsea whilst waiting for her turn. Even though it did rain and they had to shift locations, it all went on smoothly and was successful.

Now, what is this video like? Is it as exciting as their soap opera? Or are there more surprises? Don't forget to keep on watching Antara Cinta Dan Dusta on Indosiar to be the first one to watch their video.


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