Desy Willing To Give Up For The Love of Her Life

2013-12-04 01:21:01

On thursday, the 5th of May 2011, everyone gathered at Jl Sepat Jakarta. Sandra Dewi, Chicco Jerikho, Gunawan, Ryana Dea, Teuku Ryan, Helsi Herlinda and Desy Ratnasari. As it turns out, its was the press conference of 'Cahaya Cinta' MD entertainment's newest production which is replacing Cinta Fitri from the 9th of May 2011 every day at 9 pm.

The story is about a mother, Siska (Desy Ratnasari) who doesn't give up on finding her 3 children as they have been seperated due to her husband (Gunawan) being betrayed by Kamelia (Helsi Herlinda). For 15 years Siska continuously looks for Cahaya (Ryana Dea), Cinta (Sandra Dewi) and Dewa (Christ Laurent). With everything that she has faced in life, will she have the determination to continue?

As a lot of people say, experience and trials can make a person stronger. Is that so? Reality disagrees. Desy Ratnasari for example, has to always give in to her daughter Najwa. Inspite of being so busy, she dedicates one day to her daughter where she cannot be disturbed at all. If it happens to coincide with another thing, then Desy turns it all down because 'a promise is a promise'.


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