The Futsal of friendship at MD Entertainment

2013-12-04 01:21:01

MD Entertainment, SCTV, the stars and reporters, and inseparable friends. Even though not friends, at least there is a work relation. On sunday the 28th of March 2010, this special relationship was poured in a football match at the Seven fields at Tanah Abang - Central Jakarta. In spite of the heavy rain, people tired of shooting and deadlines, the match still went on as planned.

The actors were divided into 2 teams but they only made it to the qualification round. They were out of the match with the lowest score. "But we had a good time even though we didn't win..whats important is that we had fun!" said Andrew Andika whilst wiping off sweat from his forehead. Besides Andrew, the other actors in the team were Iqbal Pakula, Ryan Delon, Teuku Wisnu, Ridwan Ghani and Roman Z. The actresses of CF, who decided at the last minute to become 'cheerleaders', took part by showing off interesting moves. Even more exciting when Donita showed off her moves. What a sensational commotion!  As it turns out, this pretty young girl from Bandung is not just good at acting but in acrobats as well.

Having Manoj Punjabi in the team did not succeed in strengthening the MD team. They were placed in the 2nd position as the winner of the match was the SCTV team. The 3rd position went to the Reporters. Its a good thing the Director of SCTV was there to inspire his team as they won the trophy. All worth it.....Congratulations to all


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