Call *707# and enter Dunia Sinetron MD

2013-12-04 01:21:01

BE NUMBER ONE! This is what is being brought by MD Entertainment, it is not easy being the champ but with determination and a strong spirit nothing is impossible!

It has been proven as Cinta Fitri has entered its 5th season with more intense conflicts. The viewers are addicted to this drama series which has won many awards. Cinta Fitri is now the number one soap opera in Indonesia with the highest ratings.

This success has inspired MD to continue being innovative so that the viewers can get closer to the world of soap operas such as Cinta Fitri, Mawar Melati, and Kesetiaan Cinta. This innovation finally materialized thanks to the cooperation between MD Entertainment, Telkomsel, and and has made a breakthrough in the form of Dunia Sinetron MD *707#.

This service can be accessed from cellular phones. By dialing *707# we can easily access information about all of MD's soap operas especially Cinta Fitri. The contents offered are diverse, starting from the upcoming episode spoilers, photographs from scenes and behind the scenes 'till the personal feelings of all the characters in Cinta Fitri. What is obvious is that all the contents are different from the ones at the website and are all exclusive. What is even more interesting is that we can have our own personal dial tone consisting of dialogues of the actors.With this innovation MD hopes that all of MD's soap operas will continue being the community's favourite and MD Entertainment will always be popular in the industry of soap operas in Indonesia.


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