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Jakarta, 1ST May 2022 – PT MD Pictures Tbk (IDX:FILM) an MD Entertainment Company , brings great news from the most awaited movie, KKN Di Desa Penari. On its opening day, KKN Di Desa Penari, broke the box office record for Indonesian horror movies with an opening box office of 315.486 tickets sold.

With 315,486 tickets sold on its opening day, KKN DI Desa Penari blasted through the previously held all time record of 251,157 for the highest opening day ticket sales for an Indonesian horror movie, previously held by MD Picture’s own Danur 3: Sunyaruri set in September 2019.

“Thank you for all the support from all our exhibitors and movie fans,” said Manoj Punjabi, CEO, MD Pictures, “Today, we are seeing a very positive sign for MD Pictures and the entire Indonesian movie industry and we are witnessing record breaking cinema attendance once again.”

‘KKN Di Desa Penari’ is an adaptation from a terrifying true story and best selling novel by Simpleman, directed by Awi Suryadi, starring Tissa Biani, Adinda Thomas, Achmad Megantara, Aghniny Haque, Calvin Jeremy, M Fajar Nugraha, Kiki Narendra, and Aulia Sarah. KKN DI DESA PENARI is playing now, only in cinemas, in all major theater chains across Indonesia, and will be opening soon in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

‘KKN Di Desa Penari’

A terrifying true story revealed by Simpleman


This is the true story of six college students who traveled to a remote village in order to fulfil their duty in the Community Service Program (KKN). Nur, Widya, Ayu, Bima, Anton, and Wahyu had never thought that the village that they visited was home to a cursed entity trapped within the shadows. Pak Prabu, the village head, had warned them not to cross the forbidden gate built in the middle of the forest. The mystical gate might hold the key to the awaiting mystery in the form of a traditional dancer, who soon starts to haunt the group. Each one of them began to witness the strange occurrences. Their CSP slowly turned into chaos, as it seems that the entity took a disliking to the group. It was all confirmed as Nur found out that one of their group did not abide to the village’s most important rule. The terror turns spiraling worse, up to the point where the group asks for the help of the local cleric, Mbah Buyut. Though it all happened too late; and now they’re on the verge of ending their days, trapped forever in the cursed village.

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