Once again, Cinta Fitri wins at the Panasonic Gobel Awards for the 2nd time

2013-12-04 01:21:01

Like kinship, Cinta Fitri (CF) has a very close relationship with the Indonesian community. So close that CF is loved as well as often criticized by part of the community with diverse tastes in entertainment. Irrespective of whatever condition, CF is back to being the "Favorite Soap Opera" at the 13th Panasonic Gobel Awards (PGA) on the 26th of March 2010.

For the second time, this soap opera which has entered its 5th season with around 700 episodes, succeeded to win over 4 other soap operas. This is proof enough that anything taken seriously yields optimal results. This victory is not just for MD Entertainment but also a victory for many. Tight shooting schedules, unpredictable weather conditions, not to forget the hard work of the supporting cast, the crew, promotion team, and the support of the fans. The fans are an important instrument in CF's success. Imagine, a fanatic fan of CF will know where exactly the shortcomings lie and even remember dialogues of every scene. One proof that they have a sense of belonging is when after every episode, they give MD the feedback via sms, on the website, phone calls, letters etc.

But what really is the key to success of this soap opera starred by Teuku Wisnu, Shireen Sungkar, Adly Fairuz, Dinda Kanya Dewi dan Sandy Syarif? Why does it often win awards at numerous award functions such as the PGA? "We listen" said Manoj Punjabi, the producer. What does he mean? "Yes, we listen to the feedback from various sources such as the fans of CF, those full of praise as well as the critics, we always take them into consideration when deciding on future scripts. But of course we have a strong creative team with their own specialty in deciding the story line. As a whole, its all team work! So this victory is not just for MD entertainment, but I also present this to the indonesian community" said Manoj Punjabi closing the conversation.

All the best for Cinta Fitri, all the success for the Indonesian drama serials!


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