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Manoj Can Pose Too!!

2013-12-04 01:21:01

On that same day, the 8th of March 2010, Manoj Punjabi was asked by an International magazine from the UK for an interview and a photograph for their 'Profile' article.

After finishing his talk at Universitas Indonesia, Manoj headed back home for the interview and photo shoot. Everything was kept ready, as per the requests of the photographer, he wanted to photograph Manoj doing some activities and in different attire, as well as his collections and hobbies. For the first session, Manoj was dressed formally in a suit which is something he is used to. For the second session, casual in jeans and a t-shirt. Manoj looked more relaxed in this and was becoming more comfortable at posing. This was extraordinary! For the next sessions he wore sporty wear, party clothes and had style which was more daring and different than the usual. The crew consisted of 3 women and they could not help but be impress looking at Manoj in action in front of the camera. One of them even said, "It would be so nice if all our photo shoots had such a handsome model. He just doesn't seem to get tired...hahahah….

Maybe he would not like to lose to his wife Shania, who had just posed for an article as well or maybe he really does have this innate talent from birth? Not at all feeling awkward anymore, he followed all the directions and poses given to him by the photographer and even dared to give his own pose. Another one of them said "He is just like a professional model". Hearing that, Manoj jokingly replied "Actually I was a model but nobody could afford me so I said goodbye to my modeling days

Just look at his photographs. What do you think suits him more...Manoj the model or Manoj the king of soap operas??


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