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Manoj Punjabi a Teacher?

2013-12-04 01:21:01

Could it be possible that the boss of MD Entertainment is bored of producing soap operas and films? Wasn't he born for this sort of thing? Isn't it true that he has loved the film world ever since he was a kid?

Relax...this is just what Ishadi SK, a postgraduate teacher in communications at Universitas Indonesian (UI), Salemba Jakarta, said. It started in early 2009 when Manoj Punjabi was asked by Ishadi to attend his class and give a talk on the film industry in Indonesia. Surprisingly, this trial talk, brought out a class full of students!!

On Monday the 8th of March 2010, Manoj was asked to come back. Just like the previous year, at exactly 7 am, the class of this postgraduate of UI was filled up with all the students. Everyone enthusiastically asked questions. Along with Ishadi, they  analyzed and spoke about the differences and made their conclusions about the serials in Indonesia based on the explanations given by Manoj. The most stunning of all was when a student asked, "Mr Manoj, do you intervene in every production of MD Entertainment? If yes, when do u have the time? And how long does it take since you are a very busy man and have lots of things to do?

A very relaxed Manoj replied "Yes I do intervene. Whenever I get the chance I read every script before it becomes a soap opera or a film. Infact even if I'm out of the country, I still read the scripts. It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours".  The students were stunned. Another student then interrupted "Wow, isn't that stressful?" to which Manoj replied "If it is looked at as more of a hobby than a profession, we will never consider it as work and it won't lead to stress. Its something that you will do willingly and with pleasure". This inspired everyone and they all nodded in unison.

If everyone enjoys being taught by Manoj, he may just become an "on call" lecturer.



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