Manoj Punjabi: The force behind MD

2013-12-04 01:21:01

It doesn't feel like seven years have passed since MD has been entertaining Indonesia through their soap operas and films which have been on air on a couple of television channels in Indonesia and also in a few other countries.

Saturday, the 30th of October 2010 was a special day for MD entertainment as they were celebrating 3 joyous occasions. The big event was held at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom- Pacific Place Jakarta to celebrate MD's 7 th year, Diwali and Dhamoo and Sunita Punjabi's 45th wedding anniversary.

MD's success hasn't been instant nor easily attained by just anyone. Manoj Punjabi, Dhamoo Punjabi's son, is the man behind all this.  It is  because of his persistence, enthusiasm and hard work that MD entertainment is one of the biggest production houses in Indonesia today.It is because of  his attitude of not giving up, acting fast and his famous words 'I want it now' that has won his work the highest appreciation in various places.

What MD has been celebrating all this while is the co operation of the team and their support. Not only internally but also the relationship from other important business aspects, media, the indonesian community and also thanks to the almighty above.

"On this occasion, allow me to express my gratitude to the people in Indonesia. If we have been entertaining Indonesia for 7 years, then give MD entertainment the chance to keep entertaining for the next 10, 100 even a 1000 more years till creativity and art flow in our blood" said Manoj poetically.


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