MD Celebrates Birthday With 1000 Orphans

2013-12-04 01:21:01

On the 6th of September 2009, MD Entertainment turned 6! In this holy month of Ramadan, a month filled with blessings, MD chose to celebrate this occasion by opening the fast together with 1000 orphans from 5 areas in Jakarta (Central, North, East, South, and West).

The children all looked so happy because on that day they were surrounded by well known actors and actresses of the city. The children were able to meet them face to face, talk to them and play games with the actors of MD like Teuku Wisnu, Shireen Sungkar, Adly Fairuz, Donita, Randy Pangalila and many more. After playing, the children were entertained with religious songs by Kris Dayanti who is Indonesia's Diva, Afghan, Charlie ST12, and many others. MD also handed out lots of gifts for the quiz games which were done by two famous MC's Cut Tari and Bemby Putuanda.

After playing the games and having a great time, the children got to hear a spiritual talk by the top Ustad Jeffry Albuchori or UJ as he is normally called. UJ lead the evening prayers acting as a priest

The happiness didn’t just end there. At the end of the breaking of their fast, each child received a package filled with food, drinks and school stationery. The supervisors of the orphanage also received gifts as well as basic staple food for their orphanages.

Oh the beauty of Ramadan, the beauty of giving added to the beauty of MD entertainment's 6th birthday celebration.


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