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Celebrating Valentine Day in the Pantry? Why not...

2013-12-04 01:21:01

February is a short month but it actually leaves a deep impression on us all. Everyone celebrates the 14th of February as Valentine's Day, a day full of love.

This year, Chinese New Year also happened to fall on the same date. February 2010 was indeed very special. What more with the closeness and the giving nature of MD which has always been a tradition for years.  So in the middle of February, as previous years, the staff of MD celebrated at the pantry in the office.

Even though the office is full of furniture, the pantry had to do. For all the staff at MD, what was important was exchanging presents, being together and of course the free food which was paid for by the managers and the boss in the office. Siomay, meat balls and pempek were on the menu. Wearing Pink and red was the theme for that day. Well, better late than never and even though it was inexpensive, what's important is that it was enjoyable.

Imagine, if everyone around the world were caring and considered everyone to be equal, the world would be a better and  peaceful place to live in. So, who's interested in funding the next Valentine's day in 2011 please contact the Love Department in MD to make this world a world full of love. Peace....with love and kisses from MD Entertainment


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