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Shania 'shy' Punjabi, appears in KOMPAS

2013-12-04 01:21:01

Yes, this pretty woman appeared in the Socialite column on the 28th of February 2010 in Kompas.

When this particular newspaper approached Shania, she didn't agree right away. Infact she asked for some time to think about the offer and to consider the importance of being exposed in the media world.

In reality, she is not the shy or quiet type, Shania just doesn't like showing off or being the centre of attention. In short she is not an "attention seeker". But when she feels comfortable and at ease then she turns out to be very congenial. not be able to practice Public Relations is to be unable to become the object of the media. Manoj Punjabi , her husband  and the PR Manager, Mita Nurani, helped in convincing her that she should not refuse this offer. Shania finally agreed and committed herself to getting everything ready that was asked by the journalist and the photographer. Including changing her clothes for the photo shoot, shifting of locations and posing whilst being asked questions...Shania did it all with patience and friendliness.

The result...? Check it out for sure ain't useless to be beautiful...!!


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